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  1. I had so much fun last night at the centennial celebration for Cayce!! Y’all are awesome!! I LOVED it when Greg laid on the stage and sang(smoking HOT)!!!! I was really hyping you guys up to my friends and you definitely did not disappoint. We all had a blast! Now my friend and me have “Nearly Died” stuck in our heads!! Keep on keeping on! Can’t wait for the next time!!!

  2. Great performance at Irmo’s Okra Strut last night. The crowd loved you. Hope to see y’all perform again.

  3. I absolutely love yall! Loved your  Rocketman tribute to Elton John show! Band is terrific!!!!!        p.s.   Shout out to Kell, Your amazing <3!

  4. We live in Savannah, Ga. We decided to go to Wing Wings  and you guys are GREAT!!!!!! Pleassssssssse come to Savannah again.

  5. My husband and two boys r here right now at Hifalutin it is our 21 anniversay and my husbands birthday we loved the band and the songs you sang r awesome!

  6. It was great seeing old friends at the Rusty Anchor yesterday!  Greg, y'all are still rockin' strong and better than ever!!!  You now have a new fan – my childhood best friend, Yvonne; she loved y'all, and is excited about seeing you at Red's next month.  I'll see you soon – I may not make it to Wings & Ale Friday, but plan to be at Social Grill next week.

  7. I love going and seeing you guys! I was there at Wild Wing.. that place dancing with my mom, oh yeah and hi-5 to the bass player, he really brightens up the band!

  8. What a great show you put on for Lights on the Lake, in Greenwood.  We listened from the water. Can't wait to hear ya'll again

  9. Happy Birthday Greg! It was so much fun listening to Tokyo Joe at Moonshiners on Saturday night! Thank you for all of the incredible times you give to your fans! Tokyo Joe is a class act! I am looking forward to Rocketman at Koger Center. When do tickets go on sale? Thanks for any information. Keep on making your fans so happy! 

  10. I was with my youth group at the Peach Festival in Lexington, SC on the Fourth of July and we had a great time. We still talk about how Tokyo Joe is the greatest band ever and everyone talks about how great that night was.

  11. My son and I had such a blast Saturday night at Fall for Greenville (SC). You guys were thoroughly entertaining!! Please come back to the upstate!!

  12. My man from Japan (a true Tokyo boy) is curious as to how and why you chose the band name –

    • It’s a long story but the short version is that our guitar player used to play in Japan a lot. Sometimes as much as 6 months out of the year. 

  13. Had a great time at stephanies reception. She told me how good you guys were. She was right, I am a fan.Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  14. We saw your show last night at the NMB Sports Complex. Awesome show and great performance! Had the best time…didnt want the music to end! Our new favorite band!

  15. Hello..Just wanted to let you know, I saw you at the SC Fair on Oct. 10th!!..You were wonderful!!

    I am going to try my best to see you perform at one of the night spots in Lexington..

    Thanks again for a great show, it was so worth getting soaked for!!

    • Hi Carol. Thanks for being there. Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully we’ll see you again soon. 

    • We don’t have another date scheduled right now. Either spring or fall of next year will be the next Columbia area show. Hopefully I’ll have the sense to not do it outdoors in the summer again:)

  16. Loved your Tom Petty show at the State Fair! We're big Petty fans since Damn the Torpedoes (yeah, we're that old). Gonna make it a point to see more of you guys.

    • Thanks, Jay. Glad you enjoyed it. That was our first time doing that show and we had a blast. Thanks for being there. 

  17. Awesome performance at figaros

    what do u charge for a private party?

    I am Tray Duncan's mother, he says hello



  18. Hey Greg, when are we going to get to see another Tom Petty Tribute. The show at the fair was absolutely off the chart.

    • Gonna be announcing another show in the next couple weeks. Keep an eye out here or on my, or the band’s, Facebook page. 

  19. Saw Rocket Man tonight in Punta Gorda Fl.. Thanks for a great show and for your drummer going out of his way to find a used drum stick and signing it for my wife.



  20. Totally enjoyed the show last night (2/7/20)! The instrumental part of Rocket Man was Fab-U-lus!!!    We will be back!

    Keep It Going,


  21.  Hope you wear the rainbow hat and  heart shaped glasses, I left them for you they suit ya,  see ya next time great showin Daytona beach News journal 

  22. Hey, saw you guys for the first time last night in Venice, FL. Saw you perform the Elton John tribute. What a surprise!! I can't think of more rehearsed, tight, group I've heard. Even in theaters or arenas. I, sincerely mean that.

    I realize, Sir Elton's catalogue has no weak links. It's full of hit after hit after hit. All recognizable songs from our younger days. But, you guys were really truely professional and blew us away with great instrumental performances and outstanding vocals. Tight!!!

    Thank you, all, for making our night one we'll remember. We'll be looking for you guys down the road.

    Best of luck in the future. 




  23. Hello, I know ya'll have been out of commision with the Coronavirus going on, and I don't see any upcoming shows on your calendar until later in the Summer.  But just checking since some things are opening back up, are you playing anywhere next weekend, May 28th – May 31st?  Thank you, and all the best to all of you and your families.


  24. I've seen you all twice and it was awesome both times. Hopefully I'll get to see you all again soon. 
    You all are the best band I've seen since I moved here 3 years ago. 
    Keep rockin it!!!!!!

  25. Greg

    Will be in Murrells Inlet Friday.  Wife and I celebrating 38th anniversary and driving down from Columbia for the weekend.  Your show start at 630 or 730?  Seen both times online.



  26. Well, it's been 22 years since the first time I saw y'all at the Pub in Orangeburg. I met Mark that night just past midnight during on of your breaks. Kellie was your drummer way back then. 

    Mark and I followed your band all over–Columbia, Augusta, Savannah, Beaufort, Greenville, Myrtle Beach,,, I really miss you guys. 

    Mark and I got married this past May after 21 years of living together. Lol!

    Just wanted to say Happy Anniversary.

    Love ya, Sandy

  27. It's been over 20 years since my wife and I first cam across you guys in Beaufort, at Bananas I think the place was called at the time (now Luthers). I was blow away by how strong a group you guys were, Greg had such a strong vocal and you could feel he related to what he was singing. I'm glad to see Greg and Dale are still together from what I can tell from the photos, I hope they are.

    All the roads of lifes journey has made it difficult to come out and see you guys but we hope to do so. I've recently discovered a group from Norway (Hayde Blurgrass Orchestra). The leads name is Rebekka Nilsson Probably not the kind of music you would listen to regular LOL but they reminded me of you guys as far as dedication to the craft goes. Rebekka has one of those voices that can bring a grown man to tears, seriously. Most people will be put off that I am even talking about another group, but I've always thought of you as someone who can appreciate others talent. So, if you actually see this (hope all is well for you guys!) and take a listen to this track, I think it's one that all the boxes got ticked and her voice got to shine. Take care all of you! OK 2 tracks 🙂  —

  28. Great show tonight at Latitude Margaritaville in Daytona Beach. Thanks for a fantastic evening!

  29. Your show in Margaritaville last night blew us away. You guys are fantastic. Hope you will be back. 

  30. Having been a long time Tom Petty fan I have to say your band did a remarkable job Wednesday night at Margaritaville. Thanks for the music, dancin' and fun. Come back soon!

  31. Kicked off our vacation by stopping at friends house in Hardeeville, SC (Latitudes Margaritaville) where we caught your act. 

    Great show and wonderful start to our first vaccination since Covid. 

  32. Ok before moving to Indiana I remember this group very well. At the old farmers market they held a concert there in 1999 at Steve Phillips plants. Enjoyed every second of it and still have t-shirt from that tour 1999. Rock on guys.

  33. Fantastic show at Icehouse! Been some years since I've seen ya. So very talented, energetic, and entertaining! SC is blessed to have you!

  34. Awesome show last night with The Root Doctors and Prettier Than Matt at the Icehouse!!!! That place was rocking!!!

  35. Frank Boxx passed away yesterday.

    Please raise a good glass of scotch in his honor and play some loud rock and roll for him.He loved you guys!

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. We all love both of you guys and have missed seeing you. Will be praying for you and will raise a toast to Frank for sure.

  36. I had soooo much fun at Polliwogs last night! I definitely needed this time out with the girls!  I danced so much that every muscle in my body hurts today! Jenny and I had great seats but I didn’t sit very much! It was soooo hot in there I think I sweat out any alcohol and every ounce of water I drank!   my clothes and especially my dang hair were drenched by the time we left at midnight … but I didn't care because we were having so much fun!  It's not very often that this old lady gets out – but this one was well worth it!  

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